FIW-Workshop 'Women in International Economics' (online) | 07.03.2022

FIW-Workshop 'Women in International Economics'

Time:  7th of March, 2022, 13:00 – 16:00 (CET)
Venue:  Online-Webinar - Zoom


Part 1: Award Ceremony and Presentations by Katharina Bergant, Martina Neuländtner and Julia Grübler
Part 2: Keynote Lecture by ‌‌Birgit Niessner (OeNB): ‌‌Two steps forward, one step back


13:00   Opening Remarks and Moderation
Elisabeth Christen (WIFO)

13:05   Award Ceremony
Ingrid Kubin (WU Vienna)
Cynthia Zimmermann (BMDW)
Prize for Women in Economic Research in honor of the Winners of the
FIW Award for PhD Theses in International Economics

13:15 -13:45
Katharina Bergant (IMF)
Dampening Global Financial Shocks: Can Macroprudential Regulation Help (More than Capital Controls)?

13:45 -14:15
Martina Neuländtner (AIT)
The geography of innovation, knowledge creation and networks

14:15 -14:45
Julia Grübler (WTO)
Trade as a means to a happy end

14:45 -15:00 Break

15:00 -16:00 Keynote Lecture and Discussion
Birgit Niessner (OeNB)
Two steps forward, one step back

16:00   End of Workshop