Seminar in International Economics: Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe (Online event) | 29.04.2021

The Competence Centre for International Economics Research (FIW) kindly invites to participate in the Seminar in International Economics on the topic

Border Policies and Unauthorized Flows: Evidence from the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Francesco Fasani
(Queen Mary University of London)

Thursday, 29th of April 2021, 4:00 p.m. (CET)

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This is an online event via Zoom. Please register for the dial-in link. The link will be sent shortly before the event.

This presentation is based on a paper co-authored with T. Frattini.

In this paper, we first describe the size, composition and characteristics of the recent unauthorised migration flows through external European Union borders. We then assess the eff ectiveness of EU border enforcement policies in deterring or diverting migration flows across alternative routes. Our empirical analysis is based on a novel dataset of Frontex records on attempted illegal crossing by quarter, country of origin and route of entry in Europe for the period 2009-2017. These records arematched with a dataset - that we assembled - on the monthly EU budget spent on border enforcement and search and rescue operations on each route of entry. Our empirical analysis is threefold. First, we document the existence of a political cycle in enforcement spending at the external EU borders which is orthogonal to expected  ows. Second, we use this result as a first stage to deal with the endogeneity of border policies and retrieve the causal impact of enforcement on unauthorized flows. Third, we analyse the eff ect of outsourcing border controls to a non-EU transit country (the 2016 EU-Turkey deal) on deterrence and diversion of unauthorized flows.

The seminar series is organised by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) in co-operation with FIW, the Centre of Competence in International Economics. The seminar provides a forum for presentation and discussion of recent academic research in the field of international economics.