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FIW-Policy Brief Nr. 56 "The Automotive Sector in EU-CEECs: challenges and opportunities" veröffentlicht

Im soeben veröffentlichten FIW-Policy Brief Nr. 56 analysiert Doris Hanzl-Weiß (Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche) den Strukturwandel in der Automobilindustrie und geht auf disruptive Trends ein.


The global automotive sector is undergoing major structural changes which in the next decades will pose significant challenges to the sector, but also offer opportunities. Highlighting three major disruptive trends, (i) shifts of global automotive production towards Asia, in particular China, (ii) trends in e-mobility, and (iii) problems in supply chains, this article shows how Austria and the Central and East European automotive sector have faced these shifts. Overall, the EU-CEE countries have benefited from the relocation of automotive companies to emerging countries and have been integrated into global, in particular German supply chains during the last thirty years. The e-revolution started off in 2020 and the EU-CEE had a rather good start. As the automotive industry is a key sector in the region, the electric transformation is vital for their future. While there are some positive trends, risks are manifold, and further efforts have to be undertaken so as not to be left behind.

Doris Hanzl-Weiss (wiiw)
The Automotive Sector in EU-CEECs: challenges and opportunities
FIW-Policy Brief Nr. 56
Dezember 2022


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