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CALL for PAPERS 15th FIW-Research Conference ‘International Economics’ | Vienna, 23-24 February 2023


The Research Centre International Economics - FIW announces its 15th Research Conference ‘International Economics’ and invites the submission of (full) working papers to be presented at the conference.

The main objective of the conference is to provide a platform for economists working in the field of ‘International Economics’ to present recent research.

Papers from Ph.D. students, young faculty members and young researchers in similar positions are particularly welcome as the conference aims to support and encourage young economists by providing an opportunity to present their work to fellow junior economists as well as experienced senior researchers.

The conference also aims at bringing together researchers and policy makers to provide a forum for a discussion on how empirical evidence can more effectively inform actual economic policy making.


The 15th FIW Research Conference on ‘International Economics’ will take place on Thursday, 23rd February 2023 and Friday, 24th February 2023 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna), Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna.


We invite the submission of (full) working papers on all topics in the field of International Economics.

Please submit your working papers via https://conference2023.fiw.ac.at/ until 21st October 2022.

Selection decisions will be communicated in December.


Two prizes for the best contributions to the Research Conference will be awarded - the ‘Best Conference Paper Award 23’ and the Young Economist Award 23’. Each award is worth € 1000.

The ‘Young Economist Award 23is intended for Ph.D. students, young faculty members and young researchers in similar positions. To be considered for this award all authors of the paper have to be 34 or younger at the time of submission.


The broad topic of the conference is ‘International Economics’. This includes, inter alia, International Trade, International Factor Movements, Economic Integration, Trade Policy, International Trade Organizations, Economic Growth of Open Economies, Multinational Firms, Global Value Chains, International Macroeconomics and other related fields.


The 15th FIW-Research Conference ‘International Economics is organized by FIW with support from the Program Committee and the Austrian Federal Ministries for Education Science, Research and Education (BMBFW) and Labour and Economy (BMAW).


The FIW - Research Centre International Economics (https://www.fiw.ac.at) is a cooperation between the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the University Vienna, the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Innsbruck, WIFO, wiiw and WSR. FIW is supported by BMBFW and BMAW.

Program Committee

Harald Oberhofer (FIW, WU Vienna, WIFO)
Julia Bachtrögler-Unger (WIFO)
Marta Bisztray (KTRK, Budapest)
Alejandro Cunat (University Vienna)
Peter Egger (ETH Zürich)
Katharina Erhardt (hhu Düsseldorf)
Lisandra Flach (LMU Munich)
Richard Frensch (IOS Regensburg)
Michael Irlacher (JKU Linz)
Inga Heiland (IfW Kiel)
Mario Holzner (wiiw)
Mario Larch (University Bayreuth)
Dalia Marin (TU Munich)
Karin Mayr-Dorn (JKU Linz)
Birgit Meyer (WIFO)
Katrin Rabitsch (WU Vienna)
Michael Pfaffermayr (Univ. Innsbruck,WIFO)
Robert Stehrer (wiiw)
Joschka Wanner (University Potsdam)

Download: Call for Papers (PDF)

Questions may be addressed to fiw-pb@fiw.ac.at or alexander.hudetz@wifo.ac.at.

The conference programme will be published on https://blog.fiw.ac.at and https://conference2023.fiw.ac.at

Attendance of the FIW Research Conference is free. The conference language is English.